With 5:2 Diet Booster Women5:2 Diet Booster Women you will combat appetite for the whole day and eliminate the feeling of hunger. The product will also help you replenish vitamins, increase your energy levels and accelerate fat burning process. Our special formula for women will stabilize your hormones and help maintain great looking skin, hair and nails.

90days We are certain of 5:2 Diet Booster Women effectiveness – hence we guarantee full satisfaction. If you do not see the expected results, you have 90 days to return the product. No questions asked. We will return your money for every unopened packaging.

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  • Maximum results program

    Maximum results program

    24-day cycle (4 tablets a day)

    3 packs (get 3 packs free!) - total 6 packs

    180 £ 117 £ 24-week cycle (720 tablets)
    + £0 for the free shipping!

  • Top choice
    Economical package

    Economical package

    12-week cycle (4 tablets a day)

    2 packs (get 1 pack free!) - total 3 packs

    90 £ 79 £ 12-week cycle (360 tablets)
    + £0 for the free shipping!

  • Starter program

    Starter program

    4-week cycle (4 tablets a day)

    1 pack

    30 £ for a 4-week cycle (120 tablets)
    + £0 for the free shipping!

We guarantee:


    5:2 Diet Booster contains 100% natural ingredients which guarantee safety.


    Your privacy is our priority – we do not share nor sell our Customers' personal information.


    Ordered products are packed in a discreet, gray packaging and delivered by the courier to the address you have provided. After placing the order, the courier will inform you when the shipment is going to be delivered. To protect your privacy we do not send by post.


    5:2 Diet Booster is an over-the-counter dietary supplement. During 5:2 diet drinking and smoking is allowed.


    If by any reason placing an order via the online form is not possible for you, give us a call on + (48) 22 112 17 04 (from 8AM to 4PM) and provide us with all the necessary information to place an order successfully. You will pay cash on delivery.

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